January 10, 2011

Beaded Bracelet

 My Aunt finds the coolest things all the time, 
I guess that's what happens when you travel the world, huh?
She got this bracelet from a Guatemalan women. 
So when she brought it on Christmas vacation, 
naturally in a family full of DIY-ers we figured out how to make it.  
Of course, I didn't take any pictures and my attempt at the bracelet is 250 miles away.
So I will just tell you.  
A simple peyote or brick stitch bracelet with a random assortment of beads on top.
Pretty simple, right?
I will tell you, 
this takes 
My mom and I finished the bracelet in a few hours, 
but adding the beads on top took forever, 
so long that after about and 1" of doing it, 
I had to stop.
I think I spent an hour on that 1" of bracelet alone. 
But don't let my impatience stop you from trying your hand at it.
Or letting your own inspiration take over and make something beautiful. 


QuiltNCards said...

It is beautiful, but with my "skills" I'll have to worship from afar. I say Hazzah!! to you for even trying.

Justine said...

Wow, those bracelets are SUPER hard to make. It's so detailed too! Great find.

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