August 29, 2010

Jar Makeover

I mentioned this earlier in another post but I have been saving 
all of our glass jars
I feel bad throwing them away, when I am trying to organize our house.
So I am using them to help! They already have lids, so why not??
After all the good pickle relish, or whatever jar you are using is gone,
wash it out and leave the lid off until you plan to use it. 
(If you leave the lid on all the smell will still be in there when you open it!)
By the way this is going to be the best thing for sewing. I love using this!
Remove the label. 
Apparently Vlasic, likes to really seal those labels on.
Maybe this was just a freak jar, and I am not smarter than paper. 

Gather up the fabric you want to use. As you can see this was 12"x6".
Any good scrap will do.
Fold right sided together and sew up the not folded side.
Turn it right side out, the move the seam to the approximate center.
I had some leftover fabric from this dress. So I just sewed that on, over the seam.
Wrap it around your jar, and pin or mark with fabric pen. 
You want this to be tight around the jar, so it doesn't slide down. 
Slide it on your jar, and all done!
Here you go, 
the best thing ever for your sewing machine. 
I love using serger thread for my sewing machine.
It cost less, when you get it on sale, and last forever! 
plus the tension on my machine is awesome! 

 I am watching my friends kids Sept 1-11. Her hubby and her are going on a little getaway. 
So I will all of the sudden have 5 kids, instead of one. 
I am not sure how much I will be able to post, but
I am trying to schedule some posts so there will be something going on here! 

1 comment:

inday_adin said...

Recycling is good! The jar looks cute now. :)

Adin B

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