July 30, 2010

Thread Upcycle

I have been inadvertently collecting glass jars/bottles for a while. 
I guess I keep thinking I am going to use them for something fantastic.
Although I haven't found anything I really love.
 This upcycle is just something silly. I just wanted a new pincushion.
I'm sure you have seen something similar. 
I stitched this little band to go around the bottle. 
 Cut a circle about an 1" larger than the lid.
Gather it, either with a sewing machine, or by hand. 
Hot glue it to the edge of the lid. 
 Don't forget to leave an opening to stuff it. 
 Don't laugh. I think this is silly. I am not a huge fan of it. 
But I needed something to do with my daughter.
If I can do this with a 2 year old. You can do this too. 
I am actually becoming more of a fan of it, but it still is funny looking. 


Screamstress said...

I love it, its a great idea! I too keep jars, but don't really have any ideas on good uses for them - until now. I'm going to make one, and when I do, I'll link to you so everyone can see where I got such a cool idea!

Mammy Made said...

I think its brilliant! I've pinned it for you and I'm going to make one too :)

- Ellie @ Mammy Made

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