August 25, 2010

Is it worthy?

I am trying to decide what to start selling on my etsy shop
and well, it is lots harder than I had thought. 
I consider myself a pretty decent seamstress, 
but when I intend on selling something I think it has to be perfect!
Any thoughts on the subject?
Is it okay to sell something that isn't perfect because it is homemade?
Here is an example...
This dress I made.
 I love it. It's cute, light summer dress. 
See how cute is this!?
(A tweaked the color a little on this picture)

But see the ruffles don't line up perfectly on the side, 
where they meet. 
Is this okay to sell?
Would you buy something like this?
When it comes to Etsy etiquette I am not sure where the line is!


Missy said...

Just show pictures of that spot, but don't say anything about it. A lot of people will see it, but not think twice about it and want it anyways, and for the people who would care, they just won't buy it. You don't want to put the "idea" in someone's head that it is not a good dress and as long as the pictures are forthcoming, I think it's fine.

C & N said...

OO I'm right here with you on this one. That is part of the reason my etsy store has NOTHING in it right now. I can't wait to read the responses you get, but I'm thinking it is OK. Misaligned ruffles wouldn't bother me.

Lumiya said...

Thats part of why people come to etsy, to find custom items! I would not mind one bit buying that for my daughter. I love the idea that the clothes I out on her were made by a person and not a pre-programed machine. Because it is handmade I'm sure most people anticipate the imperfect nature of it.

Nena Nadine said...

I've been having troubles with this as well. One thing that has helped me is that when I go to a department store, look at similar products (and sometimes even purchase, but only from the sales racks) and inspect the quality of the work. I notice that they are not quality. Sometimes just downright sloppy. Most people have no clue and still buy it.

Also remember you are your own worst critic. I made a shift dress for myself a couple of months ago. And I made a big rookie mistake. I've shown the dress to a few expert sewers and none of them noticed until I pointed it out.

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