August 27, 2010

Kitchen Conversions

I found this conversions chart a few days ago, from another blog, 
and I feel so bad, but I can not for the life of me, 
find where I got this!! 
It is very frustrating! 
So if you have seen this before, or if this is yours let me know, so I can give you credit!

Anyway, I loved it. 

I want this in my kitchen, so I made one myself. 
I don't have the luxury of having a silhouette, or a cricut
or else I would have done something completely different. 
So I work with what I have. 
I embroidered this little baby in a few hours.

I put a backing on it because, I think it is easier to embroider like that.
And the fabric was black! I can't see my blue fabric marker on that!
Any who.
 I am being lazy today, so this is as much of the backing that I cleaned off.

I painted a dollar store 8"x10" frame, white. 
Just a few coats, to keep in nice and white.

I grabbed good ol' Aleene.

And sprayed some quilting batting onto the back of the embroidered fabric.

See my sophisticated way of measuring. 
I know, try not to be too awed by my fantastic ability to measure.
I cut around the frame. 
Make sure the words, or whatever you are putting in this frame is strait. 
Then hot glue down the corners.
Don't put too much hot glue, because you don't want to see the glue from the front!
Glue down the sides. 
And trim the excess fabric off. 

Because I am working with what I have, I didn't have anymore quilting batting, 
so I used fiberfill to stuff this frame. 
I just pulled it apart, and flattened it out as best I could. 
I wasn't worried.
(maybe a little)
If the back seems to bulge too much,
either take some fiberfill out, or hot glue it down.
Ah, hot glue, the all purpose tool.
All done!

See it just has a little shape to it.
I like it. 
It has a somewhat retro feel to it. 
But that is why it is SO fun!


search engine optimization said...
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Nena Nadine said...

What a wonderful idea! said...

I love this idea! Stitching it came out super cute! Thanks so much for sharing this, I'll be linking.

Kaysi said...

Great idea, I'm always forgetting these!

♥ maaria said...

Looks great - and it's so practical!
Must note this...

♥ maaria said...

Looks great - and it's so practical!
Must note this...

JHill said...

Love the embroidery!Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

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