February 03, 2014

Henna by Beth

One of my super good friends has always been a super amazing artist. 
She used to draw "tattoos" on me when we got bored at school. 
We thought we were so cool. 
She has started a henna business, in Kansas. 
But she doesn't just limit herself to henna, on no.
She makes everything!!
She sent this phone case to me for Christmas! 
Look at it. Admire it. Love it. 
Phone case and Wakeboard 001
I mean seriously. 
Isn't it awesome!?
Phone case and Wakeboard 006
Well, guess what? 
You can get one for yourself!
Don't have a phone? 
Don't worry!
She has everything from cards to coasters
Seriously, check out some of her things!
Henna Shoes - White Slip-on Canvas Flats with Red Henna Designs, Size 7
iPhone 5 Wallet Case, Black Henna Flowers on Black

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