January 29, 2014


So a new year, huh?
When kids get into school, time seems to go into hyper speed. 
I have been crafting and sewing, but it seems like all the holidays and traveling wore me out. 
Here is what we have been up to the past couple months....
(since my last post)
Tucson Thanksgiving 093
Thanksgiving! We traveled down to Tucson for our scrumptious feast.
That's my beautiful mom, cooking up a storm.
Kelsey and Hello Kitty
I went kind of crazy and knitted Kelsey a Hello Kitty doll, 
it took for.ev.er. 
But she loves it and cuddles with it every night. 
Blowing out candles 1
Kelsey also turned 6! 
My baby is 6! 
She had such a great time at her party. 
She can't wait until next December. 
This was just the past weekend.
We went sledding with friends, 
I just can't believe how fast kids grow up. 
Hopefully this year we can find a baby to adopt so she can have a younger sibling.
Yes, we are trying to adopt a child. 
After 6 years of infertility (so far) we are hoping to add to our family. 
So if you know of anyone looking for an awesome family, let us know!
You can find out just about everything about us here.
Just in case you didn't see the link, it's here too.

Can you tell I want to have a baby??

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