February 04, 2014


I try not to get to personal on here,
because.... this is for sewing and fun stuff. Right?
Well, today that's different.
Sit down make yourself comfortable,
and read.

June 24, 2006 Quinn and I got married, a year to the date we met.
quinn ash weddin
About 2 years later, 
Kelsey joined our family. 
The easiest pregnancy and delivery ever.  
Kelsey grew and grew. 
When Kelsey was almost 2, we started thinking about having another child.
After a year of nothing, we finally got serious, and went to doctors and had tests done,
blah blah blah test test test 
blah test blah test. 
It was hard. It is hard. 
Now here we are 4 years later. 
We discovered we have a 10% chance of getting pregnant again. 
Here's were you come in. 
We are excited for the chance to have another baby in our family through adoption. 
We have a niece who is adopted and we love her and can't imagine our family without her. 
We have cousins who are adoptive families. 
Adoption is not something new to our family. 
Please spread the word, 
talk to others you may know who are looking for an adoptive family
Through this link
you can't find out so much about us. 
Please go check it out and tell others about us!

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Justine said...

sending you good thoughts your way!

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