September 14, 2010

The Start of the Old Book Craft Ideas

I think I have mentioned this before but, my favorite thrift store in town is CLOSING!
I am actually really sad about it.
But at the same time everything is half off!
So I have been spending lots of time there.
I got these books for 50 cents.
I love the old covers of these books.
This is just the start of the many ideas that I have planned. 
I took an xacto knife and took out about half the pages. 
I would take cut out 2 pages, then turn 2 pages, then cut out 2 more pages. 
Sometimes 3 pages came and sometimes I would just turn 1 page. 
What ever works for you.
So now I have this huge stack of old paper to use for some fun crafts! 
This is one of them!
I found a random word in the page 
and circled it.
I added some petals....
Then started sewing. 
This is my first attempt at sewing old paper like this. 
At first I used white thread because it was in my machine, then I decided to change to red. 
This was just an experiment, 
but think about all the fun stuff you could do!
Just make sure you set your machine to the biggest stitch you have. 
The paper will rip and tear if too many stitches are close together. 
Do this same thing and put it in a frame, in a library, or reading nook in a bedroom. 
Add some paint to make your work stand  out even more. 
I am excited....
Now this is just some free form sewing, 
It was rather difficult on paper.
But it is still fun. 

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