September 13, 2010

I'm Back!!

Well that was probably the longest 2 weeks of my life! 
I am so glad that I am all done with watching those children.
Although I have learned a lot, 
I wish I could have learned it a different way
then diving in head first. 

Some things I learned from my friends kids:
1) Don't give your children everything they want.
2) Watching Toy Story 2 and Cars over and over again everyday,
 will entertain a 2 year old
 long enough to do the dishes. 
3) Punish when necessary.
4) Run the dishwasher everyday 
because kids go through cups, like none other.

And the biggest thing I learned from these 2 weeks was
5) Crafts are not just for adults, 
but are for children too. 
Actually they are necessary. 

Something has to be done to entertain the children who aren't in school. 
Starburst chains will do that....
We made rings, I think I might be the coolest person in there eyes. 
I have more to come this week, 
something to do with some old books and maps!! 

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