September 16, 2010

Keyboard Upcycle

We have had some computer trouble in that past and were given and old computer from my Father-in-law.
This was the old keyboard he gave us.
It was GROSS! 
No matter how much I cleaned it still looked like this. 
I saw an old keyboard made into a little "computer" for kids.
So I decided to make one.
Although I had no idea that it would be this difficult! 
After I cleaned the keys.
(took all the keys off the board and put them in bleach for a day)
I wanted to make this computer as "real" as possible.
This keyboard was a little older,
so it is not made like they are now.
I guess... 
I really have no idea. 
I first tried using pliers and ripping off the bottom of the key. 
Didn't work. 
Goodbye "F7" key.
I wanted to make these keys sound and act like real keys on a keyboard.
But after playing with the "F6" key....
I'm not sure that is possible.
Any ideas? 
I am going to be leaving for the next week.
(this time for fun)
So I am going to give my hubby a project to complete. 

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