September 18, 2010

A Tribute to My Closing Thrift Store

My thrift store closed on Sept. 16th. 
But before they closed, I spent a couple hours rummaging through.
Here is all I found.
This awesome green glass vase with rope detail.
This fun glass container with silver lid. 
This was my most expensive item coming in at $2.00!
Does anyone know anything about this container? 
Tobacco? Perfume?
This yellow lid jar. I tried as hard as I could, but I couldn't get the writing off. 
Even with a magic eraser! 
Any ideas on that too?
A compression seal lid jar. 
I use it for my markers.
You've seen this before, but I still wanted to show you.
This totally rad octagon shaped jar with lid. 
Sorry for the crappy picture, but this is everything I got, for $18!
10 Shirts
1 Dress
1 Basket
4 Wood Frames
6 Glass Jars/Containers
1 Pillow Form
I went back for some books and more frames! 


Callipygian said...

My idea for the writing that won't come off the lid: keep sugar in the jar.

Justine said...

Picking up the last of the goodies! I am so sorry to hear that they closed :(

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