September 10, 2010

Crafting Space

(I can't find the before picture.)
But I did say that I would post what I have done with my craft room.
And here it is! 
I love it!
I love having nothing on the table besides 
my sewing machine and serger. 
I highly recommend doing this to any room.
Yes, this is a dinning room table, but 
hey, I got it for free. 
And it has enough space to do everything I want. 
Hopefully soon
(no not really soon, but within the next year)
This table will be white,
or maybe a fun color, like apple green, or orange.
I don't know.
Any thoughts on the table color?
I know as a craft table is needs to be a blank surface, but 
I want something fun!! 


Missy said...

I would do it in a color that makes you smile everytime you look at it! Something that you can make curtains to match (apple green sounds fun to me), but you also need to be able to see your crafting easily.

Beth said...

I vote for apple green! And is that KO on your wall..? :)

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