August 22, 2010

My Birthday Present

Thrifted vintage fabric!! 

There is so much fun stuff at this thrift store, so much fabric, for nothing!!
I couldn't resist most of the fabric there, so I got so much of it!

The coolest fabric is the seer-sucker. The floral and striped fabric. 
It is really super awesome. 
Above the red floral there is a bright blue, with random white flowers. 
I love how random it is. I now just have to decide what to do with it! 
The "white" is actually a light yellow knit. It is SUPER soft. 

I love this awesome vintage polyester. 
The brown is another knit.
The blue is a corduroy. 
The white is a tube knit. Awesome!!!  
But I did save the best for last! 
Check it out!
Some of the knits are $9.00 a yard by themselves! 
I was super excited to find the knits. 

Side Note:
We also scored this Lodge 10" cast iron dutch oven for $10! 
This actual dutch oven goes for $55
Needless to say, 
we had an awesome day at thrift stores.

1 comment:

Heather Feather said...

I love thrifting! You really scored AMAZING fabric!

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