August 21, 2010


Yesterday was my birthday!! 
I am 23! 
Not that much of a landmark year, but I had fun.
My sister watched our little one and we spent the day just spending time together. 
I always forget how nice it is just to be a couple. 
I highly recommend it to anyone. 
I have a list of excuses as to why the pattern for the dress that won the vote is not posted. 
So onto the excuses.... 
Excuse 1: 
My birthday yesterday....
I actually wasn't on the computer for more than 5 minutes!

Excuse 2:
A friend is getting married today, 
so I am watching kids! 
(please read sarcastically) 

Excuse 3:
I re-organized my craft room. 
Yet again. 
I will post pictures soon!!

Excuse 4:
I have to tweak the pattern a little,
just to make it right. 
Which is taking longer than expected. 

p.s. I have been totally overwhelmed by the excitement over the polka dot dress and the tutorial related to it. Thanks to all who left comments and who linked from other super amazing websites and blogs. I am really totally excited!!! 
I think this has been the best present!


Heather Feather said...

A birthday is the best excuse. It's not even an excuse, it's a reason to take the day off!
Happy Birthday!

n n said...

happy birthday.
I am 23 years young too :p

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