August 02, 2010

Like Everyone Else

Well here's my body..... 
(I am aware I am shaped like a boy)
I made one like everyone else. My hubby might have had too much fun wrapping duct tape around me I think....
Anyway, I wanted a dress form really really bad, but the steep price kept me from getting one. 
This duct tape baby cost me $6! 
Let me give you the cost break down,
Duct tape: 2-40yard rolls of tape $3 each
Newspaper: Free
Old Shirt: Free
Wood Dowel: Free
Batting: Free 
Cardboard: Free (used cereal boxes!!)
The only thing that I don't like about it was the fact that it is silver and made out of duct tape... 
It scares me a little.
So what I did, was get this spray adhesive. 
I guess if you are going to add this to my total cost, add $5.
I got some let over fabric and....

No more scary silver person on a stick! 
(Like Jose Jalapeño)
I was going to add a layer of batting on the outside, but I decided against it. It lost most of it's shape by doing so. 
I think now that this is done, I would have made some darts in the fabric, but lesson learned. 
I don't think I am going to be making another one of these anytime soon. 
So I am passing on my knowledge to you.


Sewing Pixie said...

I love that you covered this up with fabric! She's so pretty now, does she have a name?

I have one, Lola, that was bought from the store and no amount of padding makes her even close to my size. I think I might try this and then have two.

BStar said...

wow very clever idea, but for god sake how did you manage to come out of this??? Are you Houdini or what?

Beth said...

whoa, cool! And ditto to the above comment, did you have to cut yourself out?

Nena Nadine said...

I can't wait to do this. Been wanting to for months. Just waiting until I have enough scrap fabric to stuff inside of it.

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