August 01, 2010

I've joined the club

I decided a couple nights ago to start an Etsy shop
(I know kind of a cliche...)
Like I said, I have only started this 2 nights ago. 
So there isn't much listed, Actually only 2 things listed.
And I am not sure about those things!
forgive me!

There will be soon patterns from the things which I have made here 
and actual clothes too. 
Although this might take some time to really start. 
I just thought I would tell you that I have joined the club.
Thanks for all the support and for the comments! 
I really do appreciate all the support that I get from you guys.
The more support, the easier it is for me to post things for you too see and gather inspiration from. 


Sewing Pixie said...

nice! Good luck with it!

Beth said...

People will totally buy your stuff.

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