August 05, 2010


Heirlooms are pretty cool.
 I am the youngest daughter in my family, so I am not going to be getting really anything like jewelery or houses from my grandparents. Although I will say that this most recent time I visited my parents, I did get some fun things. 
This would have to be my favorite. This is a knitting needle holder thing. 
It was my great grandmothers, who traveled through Ellis Island!
I have always loved this, the bright colors of the flowers, and all the pointy objects inside.
I have since incorporated my crochet hooks with my great grandmas, but I still love looking at hers. 
I don't think I will ever use them for fear of breaking them, because some of them are bone! 
But I do love them and cherish them.
heirloom knitting needles?! Oh sad am I??

Since I am talking about Great Grandma's.... my Grandma on my mother's side. 
She had retinitis pigmentosa or "tunnel vision" but she never stopped crafting. 
Plastic canvas was her thing. 
She had a whole plastic canvas town underneath the Christmas tree, with the train. 
I always was amazed by her, because she really couldn't see, but she still did what she loved. 
This next project has been inspired by her, here is just a sneak peek

I thought I would be done by now, but it is taking forever!! 

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Screamstress said...

Anything can be an heirloom if it has a story behind it! Plastic canvas, a long overlooked but very cool retro craft - I look forward to seeing what it becomes :)

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