August 06, 2010

Made out like a bandit!

I went to a couple thrift stores today, and had some fun! 
I think total on ALL of this, was $7!!
I know don't be too jealous.
(I had to include the 101 Dalmatians book too .12cents!)
All of the stores I went to were having major "back to school" sales. 
My favorite sale 3 patterns for 25cents! YEP!
I didn't know that until I was at the checkout or else I would have gotten about 50 more!
Brown Felt: $1 for 1 yard
Brown  Striped: $4 for 4 yards 
Black striped Maxi dress: $1.50
Crochet Book: 25cents
Thanks Valerie Jessup for this pattern!
I just couldn't resist some of these!!
An awesome wrap shirt, another one I couldn't resist!
This hood looks big enough to hold all of my hair, and I just love the shape of it. 
Especially using some really modern fabric, with this vintage shape. 
I can't wait for winter to make this!! 

1 comment:

Heather Feather said...

Beautiful. I love thrift finds! I can't wait to see what you make!

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