August 19, 2010

Crib makeover

I just wanted to show you this.
Because really anything with old used fabric, can be redone!
Take for example this crib for a baby doll.
I originally got this from a friend. After all of her kids played with it, 
she passed it on to me. Yeah! 
It's just a little too loved.
If you notice there is a hole in the bottom and some stains. 
So I redid it!
 To match the rest of the room. 
I like it a lot.
I think she does too. 
She carried it everywhere with her; 
in the living room, my craft room, 
This wasn't hard to do. 
Use the old cover for the pattern.
In this case I just measured and didn't pick out any stitches. 
I think it worked pretty well. 


Kari said...


Screamstress said...

I think you're a genius! You can do everything from pincushions to pants, shoes to cribs! I'm giving one of your ideas a go - the jar/pincushion project - I'll put it on my blog and let you know if it turns out any good :)

~julee~ said...

Great idea! :)

Mammy Made said...

This is mint, I've got an old cot upstairs too that I was given and i need to make another cover for it because the other one is navy blue and yack. I need to remmeber to do it because yours looks brill!

- Ellie @ Mammy Made

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