June 07, 2010

Why I love dollar crafts

These jewelry displays are made from dollar store frames! 
They are SO simple!
I didn't take any pictures, but I think you should be able to understand.
1 8"x10" frame
2 5"x7" frames
picture hanging kit
maybe some sandpaper

paint your frames unless you already got nice looking ones. 
So this might be what is in your picture hanging kit....  I took 2 round screw thing-a-bobs and screwed them into the inside of the frame, laced the wire through the  round part and there you go! Hang your jewelery from it, either around the wire or on the wire. 
Have fun!  
Since this picture was taken, I added a magnetic bow holder with some hooks on it, so that I can hang bracelets and other necklaces that don't have a clasp.

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