March 11, 2014

Thankful Tuesdays

I am thankful for.......

 I've been thinking about family a lot lately.
We are trying to adopt
I am lucky enough to have my own sweet baby girl, Kelsey.
She is 6! 
Time is going crazy fast!
But I am so grateful to have her. 
She is so smart, seriously, I'm not sure where she got it from. 
She loves math. 
(FOR SURE, not, from me)
Kelsey is also so strong.
She started to climb the door frames, and hallway walls. 
We quickly found a gymnastics class for her. 
And she is doing awesome!
The coaches LOVE her.
The coach will tell her to do something and BAM! she gets it. 
Kelsey is an amazingly sweet girl, 
even she might throw a fit and cry for no reason, 
I love her.
Kelsey 003
School sent home a "Spring Picture Reminder".
So I thought I would take my own. 
Kelsey 001
I snapped these before we left for school in the morning, 
right by the door.
Kelsey 0041
At school today was dress like a different country. 
We had this dress from Mexico, 
so she is from Mexico. 
Can't you tell?

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