February 27, 2012

Angel’s Landing

My hubby, friend, and I finally did this hike, 
we have been meaning to do since we moved to this part of the country.
Angel's Landing in Zion National Park, in Utah. 

See that little line in the red circle, 
that is a person. 
This mountain is huge. 
The top of the mountain, has chains you hold on to.
I'm not actually sure why people are even allowed up here. 

The day was beautiful and warm, but there was still snow and ice. 
Here are all the terribly scary places, 
that if you slipped, you would have a long way to down. 
And it wouldn't be fun.
But even through all the scariness, 
we made it. 

20110228-in-n-out-secret-menu - 25.jpg
Since, I just hiked 5 miles straight up, 
I rewarded myself. 
Hope you had a good weekend too!

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