September 17, 2011

Travel Sign

I was given this awesome piece of wood from a friend
who works at a cabinet shop. 
She gave me a whole bunch of scraps, 
but I just love this one because of that huge knot! 
I knew I wanted to make something out of it, 
but I just couldn't think of anything, 
I have had this since Christmas last year. 
Seriously, brain block!
Then finally I thought of something fun. 
I cut off the dove tails, or the little things on the end, and sanded it.
I printed out the word that I wanted, 
and because I don't have a silhouette, or cricut, I used the
old fashioned way to trace the letters.
I know, real high tech. 
You could also, print the letters on the maps 
just make sure to print the mirror image! 
Don't tell my husband, that I used the road map from the car!
I don't think he will notice!
At least I hope not.
I drew a straight line then added little tick marks where the letters would go.
I wanted to get the spacing right.  
I decoupaged the letters on,
then did a couple more layers of decoupage. 
The letters in the above picture are not decoupaged, 
just so everyone knows. 
Know I have to decide what to do about the knot, 
my original plan, was to take out the parts of the "R" and the "A"
that are in the knot, just to show it off. 
And distress around the knot, to make it look "traveled".
But once I rip them out, I can't put them back in!!
What do you think?
I need some help here.
She gave me plenty of help too, 
She just had to be in one picture. 
But that's ok because she is cute!


Natalia said...

I like your idea of aging around the knot. If you're not sure how it would look with those parts of the letters missing, how about just holding something over those spots (eg. pieces of post it note) and standing back to picture them gone. I also think all the letters would look great stained or aged (eg rubbed and roughened), to go along with that. This plaque is a great idea!

Julienne Cornelius-Huang said...

I'd rip out the letters and distress it as you thought.

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