September 15, 2011

Ribbon Bangles

It's funny how I get on these "kicks", 
right now I think I am on a jewelry making kick. 
Like many crafters, I have lots of ribbon. 
I thought of this fun idea to use the left over chipboard 
ribbon spools, as the bangles!
You need about 3-10 yards of ribbon depending on
how wide the ribbon is. 
If possible, try not to cut the ribbon, 
just to make sure you have enough to go around the spool.
Here's how to do it!
Tie a simple knot around the spool, 
leaving a 1 1/2" tail. 
Tuck the tail on the inside of the spool, 
this is going to get covered as you go along. 
Take your ribbon, 
Down, Through, and Pull tight! 
Now do it over and over again until your done.
Tie a square knot and cut 1 1/2" ends, 
to tuck under the ribbon. 
All done!
I wanted to add some sparkle to the bangles, 
so I added this leftover chain.
Using the same way as above, 
I just threaded the ribbon through a link in the chain. 
See how pretty!?
But, uuhhh, this is what happens when the ribbon is too short. 
Sad day....
I still think it's pretty. 
Have fun!


Tiffany said...

Great idea! That's such an easy and quick way to customize your jewelry to any outfit.
And with the one with the too short ribbon, you could always use a small scrap of coordinating fabric to cover the ends and finish it off!

Beth said...

Awesome idea!! You're so clever.

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