September 10, 2011

Refashioned Shorts

We have seen them everywhere, 
These cute little shorts
A little gathered and over-sized, 
but still super cute.
I thought I would refashion a pair of pants, 
that are extremely long on Kay. 
Which I could actually do to all of her pants, 
because she is short. 
She actually has never worn these, because it is a million degrees here in the desert.
But, I really like the color.
Just cut off to the length desired. 
I wish I had actually cut off a little more length, 
then what I did. 
Just so you know. 
I tension gathered around the bottom of both legs.  
Don't gather too much! 
It will make the shorts too tight around little thighs!
Using the cut off pants, 
Cut two 4"-5" sections. 
Try using the bottom part of the pant leg, 
because that is usually the straightest part of the pants. 
Sew them on the pants. 
Hem the bottom, 
just to make finishing the shorts easier.  
Top stitch and all done! 
I promise they are the same length although they may not look it!
I am super excited for Kay to wear these with leggings
and tights in the winter! 
Winter, is coming right?
It doesn't seem like it here in the desert. 
Send some cold air this way, 
will you?

1 comment:

Mammy Made said...

Those are lovely. Me and my girls love wearing shorts and tights! It's still pretty cold here though, even in the middle of summer!

- Ellie @ Mammy Made

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