September 02, 2011

Mu-Mu Refashion

Many of you have read that I just had my 24th birthday
so I am getting up there in years, 
so I thought I needed a mu-mu. 
Actually not really, 
I am aware I am still young and not afraid to act like it too!
Anyway, I got this mu-mu when I was in Idaho. 
Everyone thought I was crazy, 
for picking this up at a thrift store, 
but I really liked the print. 
It reminds me of all the tribal prints I have seen lately. 
PLUS, it came with a cool printed belt!
Who cares that I can wrap it around me twice!?
I just had to show you the tag, 
I thought it was funny. 
"For Better Fit"
Especially when there was no shape whatsoever to this mu-mu.
I just made this simple skirt with it. 
I cut off the length I wanted and added a waistband. 
The length hits me right at the knee. 
Here's the back, 
I used the front of the dress for the back of my skirt.  
I just used the existing buttons for the closure.
I thought it was pretty cleaver. 

I was going to take pictures of me in the skirt,
but they never turn out just right, 
so I am trying this new method to take pictures of 
thing I have made.
Do you like it?
Tell me honestly. 

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