June 07, 2011

DI Frame

I know it seems there hasn't been much going on here lately. 
But really I have been up to things, 
and plan on telling you, soon!

Like this!
There is a story that goes with this frame, 
and let me tell you, 
it is pretty awesome. 
We traveled up to Utah a few weekends ago, 
for a wedding. 
The wedding wasn't until late that night, 
so we spent the day shopping, 
and just goofing off. 
Something we don't really get the chance to do very often. 
On our shopping trip around 
the Salt Lake area, 
we ended up in West Jordan. 
(At least, I think it was, 
our navigation was sending us to some weird places)
I spotted a D.I. sign, 
so we had to stop and check it out. 
(Aren't thrift stores so much better
when they are not in your town?)
Well long story short, 
I found this frame and bought it, 
Of course. 
But sadly after much trial and error in the parking lot, 
which probably looked super funny 
to people passing by,
the stupid frame wouldnt' fit in our trunk!
So this is how it fit. 
If you saw us driving down I-15, 
yep that was us, 
hope you got a good laugh.  
But hello, 
this huge frame! 
Sorry honey, 
couldn't pass this one up. 
Look at those awesome details!
Not only will this look amazing in our house, 
but an awesome prop for photography! 
Didn't believe that it was $3, 
here's the tag. 

Now I need your help to try and decide what color I should paint it. 
It is plastic, 
which means I am a little limited. 
I am thinking:

These are Krylon Fusion for Plastic colors, 
but maybe I could spray paint the frame white, 
then choose a different color over top. 
What do you think?
What color would you choose?


Heather Feather said...

That is such a gorgeous frame! I would choose one of the blues, but I'm a complete blue girl.

Nena Nadine said...

My vote is for the light blue. Killer find!

Sarah said...

I miss DI!!! My mom makes regular trips and is always telling me about her finds or things she passed up, like cute chairs, that I would love to have. The Goodwill out here is just not satisfying (and a lot more expensive).

I second the light blue but I'm also drawn to the yellow. Hmmm, good luck making that decision. I look forward to seeing it!

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