June 01, 2011

365 project Day 15

I thought I would share this picture with you.
Not only for Kay's crazy hair, 
but for the dress. 
I am making matching dresses for her and her cousin. 
Who could be sister's they look so much alike. 
I am not usually a fan of matching clothes, 
because my mom made my sisters and I wear the same clothes 
ALL the time. 
Because I am the youngest,
I got to wear the same dress or outfit for 5 years, 
because of hand-me-downs!
But because Kay's cousin doesn't live close. 
I am making a simple matching dress, 
from vintage knit from Grandma. 
I think I might put together a tutorial, 
since I haven't done 1 in a while. 
What do you think?
Want a tutorial?

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