May 03, 2011

Up to lots of good...

Lately it seems that everyone has been asking me, 
"How are you feeling?"
"Are you okay"
"Is everything alright?"
It has been driving me crazy. 
I was starting to believe that there should be something wrong. 
But I think I have figured it out. 
When I am not creating I am different. 
I am not sure how to describe it. 
So, "different" will have to do. 
I have taken it as a sign, 
and have started to create like a mad woman. 
Here is a glimpse at what I have been making these past few days. 
my new bag
I'm not sure I am going to tell you what this is quite yet.

I have been experimenting with some lace.

I will show what these are in a few days, 
once I finish tweaking them to my liking. 
Until then.....

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