April 29, 2011

Still here....

Grandpa and Grandma Ellis engagement photo, 
see how beautiful they are.
They were married for 70 years!

Because Grandpa Ellis served his country, 
 we got to witness a 21 gun salute. 
After the funeral, the family was given the empty bullet casings.
I thought what are we going to do with a bullet shell, 
besides but it in a memory box.
Really never to be looked at again. 
So I thought of this. 
The letter "V" for his name Vear.
The fish and fish hook because he loved fishing.
I still have yet to add a deep blue crystal, his favorite color. 
I love this tribute to Grandpa. 
I might not have known him for a very long time, 
but he did make a difference in my life.
I thought it would be nice to have him look at it whenever I wear the necklace.
Look at this fabric, 
try not to drool.
Grandma Ellis, gave them to me. 
She said the next time I come to visit her, 
she will give me more. 
Yes, we are going to visit her again in July. 
I thought the red white and blue striped fabric 
totally reminded me of this dress from Prada.
And this one too. 
She is excited to see what I am going to make with them.
Any other fun ideas, you have?

1 comment:

Beth said...

Love the necklace, and LOVE the fabric! Super jealous. I have to show you the blanket I'm working on...

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