April 12, 2011

CSN button review

I got these buttons a few weeks ago from CSN stores, 
and I wasn't so sure about them, 
as I said in my last post
But when they came, 
I am in love! 
Check out how many buttons there are!
They are all different qualities, 
from really super awesome, 
to something that I will let my daughter play with. 
I am excited to add these to my sewing and crafting!

I also got a cookie press which is fun to use, 
I didn't think it was hard to use, 
or squeeze the dough out of. 
Since it came with a few decorator tips, 
I am going to have fun with that.
But I plan on using it to inject filling into my cupcakes!
Ummm.... Yummy cupcakes!

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