March 18, 2011

CSN Store Review

So guess what?!
CSN stores wants to do another review with me. 
I am totally excited. 
This second time around I am going to see what fun stuff
 I can find from their store. 
That maybe you wouldn't notice in a store like that. 
Like these:
I am totally excited to try these babies out!
I have some fun ideas already being cooked up in my little head, 
with these awesome colors. 
What about these:
large image view
I can almost guarantee that these buttons are not going to be the highest quality,
but I am excited to see what they are going to be like. 
I guess that is why I am doing this review, huh!!
There seems to be lots of fun colors, for different
crafts that I can do with Kay.  
Plus $6.75 for a huge bucket o' buttons?!
Come on...
Last but not least there is:
Kaiser Bakeware 660882 - Patisserie Decorating Cookie Press
I have been wanting 1 of these for a while. 
With Kay getting so big and wanting to decorate 
cupcakes and cookies every other day, 
I thought this would be a fun addition to the mess we make.
I'm excited!
To be completely honest, it was a super hard decision, because, 
they have everything!
I was thinking about getting a comfy chair,
Office Star - EM20600-3 - Screen Back Task Chair, Black Mesh Fabric Seat

like this
because I am sitting on a hard metal folding chair.
I know, glamorous!
Something else I considered,
Safco Products Company SAF7766GR - Wood Mail Sorter with Adjustable Dividers, Stackable, 36 Compartments, Gray
How awesome would this be to organize all your fabric!?
They have so many other awesome office desks, 
that could totally be used as craft room tables!
Go check it out!

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