March 24, 2011

I think I might be obsessed

with KNITS!
I have had so much fun sewing with all of these knit fabrics I have gotten recently.
I know the background is not blue, 
but seriously, 
I woke up, but on these clothes and took pictures. 
See how much I love you?
like my model pose?
This is something I whipped up really fast, 
based off the kimono tee 
from burda. Although I did this in 2 pieces. 
It's slightly boring, 
so I plan on adding something....
What do you think I should add?
On a side note, 
check this out!
1 plus to living in a condo community place,
we get awesome finds, by the
Someone threw this out.
So we took it,
(no, it wasn't IN the dumpster, just by the side of the dumpster.
So, no climbing in the dumpster for this.)
I've already got my hubby making it look more modern.
Now, I just have to sand it down and paint it.
I'm thinking a glossy yellow, or green.
My hubby is thinking a distressed blue.
We need some help.
This is going to go up in our bedroom,
which is right now, blue and white. 
 I desperately want to add more color to the room.
And make it feel more eclectic.

P.S. My hubby doesn't like brown,
so we aren't going that way. 

P.P.S I got the fabric dye pastels from CSN!!!

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