January 04, 2011

My Hubby loves me

I know that getting presents is great, but is actually not the most important thing
 about the Christmas season,
but I am really excited about this present.  
Super nice sewing scissors!
There is probably some amazingly expensive scissors out there, 
that are used by designers and that no one without millions of dollars knows about. 
But for everyone else, there is gingher scissors. 
They are so sharp and super shiny. 
I love them.
As you can see. 
Since my other good scissors...

What fun stuff have you gotten that you are excited about?

1 comment:

Beth said...

Yes!! Best scissors ever! I have a cheaper pair of ginghers, and they're the best. Growing up my mom threatened us with our lives if we ever touched hers. Now I do the same to my husband. (Who destroyed my kitchen shears by cutting sheet metal with them.)

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