July 09, 2010

Copy Cat

I got these shorts for my daughter yesterday, for a family picture coming up.
I thought they were so cute and what made it even better, $5!!
Anyway I was looking at them this morning, thinking how much I like them, 
maybe I should go to the store and get some more...
Wait!! I know!
Make a pattern!
So I sat down while watching Tinkerbell with my daughter, and drafted a pattern, 
and cut it out. Here are all the pieces! 
Holy Moley!
That's a lot for shorts for a 2 year old!
I was attempting some sewing techniques that I have never attempted before, and
some worked out better than others. 
That's for sure. It's hard to tell but I am trying to make a
"single welt pocket"
Can you see the mistake?!!? 
(the fabric on top is supposed to be the other way)
Don't worry I fixed it.
I even did a zipper front fly! My first time. I think I did pretty well. 
I am proud of myself for that one!
Side by side, what do you think??

Extra features that are hard to see:
adjustable waistband
side pockets (which makes a grand total of 4 pockets)
belt loops
major huge hem for future growth. 

Can you tell that I am a little proud of these copy cat shorts?


Terri said...

Wow!! You SHOULD be proud! First time zipper?? You did awesome!!!

Shay said...

You really are very talented! Maybe one day I will get there.

inday_adin said...

You should be proud! You did an amazing job. Yaye! :)

Anonymous said...

The pants you made look better than the pants you bought!

Mammy Made said...

Thats brilliant, and I LOVE the floral material. I have a bit of a thing for floral haha!

- Ellie @ Mammy Made

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