May 12, 2010

What do you think?

AHHH!! I am totally excited to wear this skirt!! I love how everything turned out! 
Go check out the pattern here.

My hubby isn't crazy about the buttons,
 but I don't care, he isn't wearing it!


The best part about this, is it gets HUGE! so I will have tons of room to grow, 
when and if we ever get pregnant again!

Unintentional stripe match up. SWEET!


Melissa said...

Your skirt is adorable! Keep those buttons on there, they're rad.

I made a skirt on the bias with grey & white stripes. Sadly, I've not worn it, because I did wonky pleats in the front. You've inspired me to fix that skirt!


tea and cake said...

Hi, I found you via wardrobe refashion, and had to comment on your skirt. I saw your pattern and tutorial and was keen to see it made up and it's fab! Well done!

the momma said...

Cute skirt! Looks great

Anonymous said...

I love those buttons! That is a really goodlooking skirt. School is nearly out and I am readdy to sew,


Veronica Darling... said...

That's just GREAT! I love the elastic at the back as I'm trying to perfect the same thing at the moment! Did you use a pattern?


Sachiko said...

How unique and pretty! I think the buttons add more to the skirt. Totally cute!

Beth said...

Love it!!

michelle said...

Cute skirt. I love that the back has elastic. What pattern did you use?

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