May 10, 2010

Pattern Making

I have decided to give you a little hint as to how I make patterns for my designs! Shhhh try not tell too many people!
This is my skirt pattern from this post. A simple skirt with pockets and elastic waist in the back.
If you have sewn anything from a manufactured pattern you know that some of the pieces are cut on the fold. Which makes it easier to make things equal. So draw a line down the center of your drawing.
Like so!
From drawing the line down the center it should be rather easy to see the pieces that need to be cut on the fold. I had some fun with colors so to show you what the pieces look like and where the pieces go. 

The blue and pink actually need to be twice as tall as seen here, so you create a "yoke" and hide all the ugly raw edges. The blue, pink, and purple need to be cut on the fold. The green are pieces associated with the pocket.  
Here are the pieces. The back skirt piece is not here because is it just a rectangle with a little added because of the elastic.
After reading this, it makes sense to me, but if you have any questions just let me know!!

1 comment:

Veronica said...

HA! I didn't read further than your beautiful skirt, and now you have the full pattern here! I love it! I keep making skirts with too much gathering and this little idea looks great because of the pockets! I'm going to draw my own one up (a little shorter - hee hee!) and see how I go!

Thank you SO much! It's really great seeing it spelt out like this!

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