March 10, 2010

Ugly frames....?

I got these frames from Hobby Lobby forever ago for the specific reason to make them so much cuter. They were I think .99 cents! So I got three of them. I think that was all there was, or I am sure I would have bought more. But here is what they looked like. Since we just moved into a new town and new condo, I wanted to decorate my daughters room way fun. But the only obstacle was that my husband hadn't worked for about 2 months so we really didn't, and still don't have, money to decorate. This is where creativity happens.

I got this great set of sheets at a thrift store in Colorado before we moved. It is such a fun print that I couldn't resist it. It was in my stash of fabric before I finally decided to use it.
The flowers on the wall are starched on there! I heard about starching fabric to walls, and well I thought I would give it a try.... It turned out awesome! I cut out flowers from the leftover fabric. I love it, it has an way 70's vibe to it. I have since put pictures of Mickey and Minnie mouse in the frames and some left over flowers in the center frame! My daughter loves it!

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