March 12, 2010

Another pot shelf idea

This is yet another idea for the pot shelf that I have. I think it is going to be awesome! Forgive me for not having any finished pictures... I actually haven't finished it yet. Because I need more supplies. But it will come soon!
Here are my supplies, well most of them anyway. Paint samples and a scrap piece of wood.

Because we just moved into a pretty modern place I wanted a modern color scheme. Of course, right? I found this fabric by Michael Miller, which I absolutely love and it just happens to be black and gray so now I am just adding a little yellow and the walls in our condo just happen to be off white, creamy color. Just perfect! Here's what I did (and am still doing!)
Painted the wood black, I did a little extra around the edges, and took this picture while it was wet, that is why it is so obvious.
Then added the paint samples!
I still have yet to add another layer of paint samples and another layer of decoupage. But it is coming! I am trying to finish it before my mother comes on Sunday! I don't think it will happen!

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