June 20, 2014

Macro Tubes

I was watching Sarah Striplings creativelive broadcast
(If you haven’t heard of creativelive, it’s awesome and you for sure need to check it out!)
She is a wedding photorapher and takes amazing pictures of the wedding rings.
She had a question about macro tubes to take place of a macro lens. I remembered I had macro tubes!!
($15 macro tubes. They are so fun!)
My orange tree is in blossom and smelling amazing, which I am appreciating as well as the bees.
All of these pictures  are barely edited. I lightened them up, that’s it!
macro tubes 132
The macro tubes I have need to be manually focused,
so it is difficult. But fun!
macro tubes 145

macro tubes 152
The above is my favorite.
macro tubes 160
Seriously, it was so fun taking these.

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