February 13, 2014

Me on My Style

 Get ready for some awkward pictures....

See told you...
Anyway, I have been thinking about fashion and style quite a bit lately. 
I am working out regularly, so my body is changing,
my clothes are fitting differently.
Which is nice!
I'm not sure if this is the new confidence I have gotten from working out, but I realized
I don't care what people think about the clothes I wear. 
If I like it, I wear it. 
It doesn't have to make sense. 
I went into my hubby's work and he saw me and said, 
"A skirt? You're wearing a skirt?"
Why not? 
I think he was mostly shocked at what I wore with the skirt. 
A giraffe shirt and chuck taylors? 
Yep, this is me.  
I guess what I am saying is break the mold. 
Be an individual.
Don't be afraid what others think about you. 
Have confidence in yourself. 
You are beautiful. 

1 comment:

Stacy said...

Good outlook! I tend to do that, too, and wear whatever the heck I want. You should be confident and comfortable in wearing what you want and what fits your personality. :)

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