October 27, 2011

Coffee Table

So you might have noticed in the last post, 
our coffee table. 
We found it at a thrift store for $5. 
Let me repeat, $5.00
It's a pretty cool shape. 
With two different pieces, 
that fit together. 
That have lots of shelves. 
But I need your help.
The top.....
We have so many ideas, 
white and black swirl painting, 
and tile. 
What do you think will be best?
Tell me what you think. 


Vicky said...

If you could find some glass to fit and make it work I think glass would be pretty on top. What a great find. You can't go wrong with whatever you do. I am a new follower from the House of Hepworths. I am hosting a blog hop at http://www.messforless.net/2011/10/terrific-thursday-blog-hop-week-38.html and I would love for you to link up your blog.

Beth said...

o0oo I don't think I've ever seen a tiled coffee table! That could be cool. And sweet deal! I need your shopping skills.

Anonymous said...

I once saw an idea where they put pot plants on the lower level (like cactus and other indoor plants)and had them stick up through the holes in the top. It looked fantastic. Maybe you could try it and see if it works with your other decor?

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