August 14, 2011

Princess Shoes

Remember this?
Here's a picture for you. 
Well, after this shoe refashion I said I wouldn't do another one. 
Well I did another one. 
I know, I am such a liar. 
Will you forgive me?
Here's the before:
I am really super sorry for the TERRIBLE picture!
They are great little shoes. 
Cute hand-me-downs from a friend. 
But they just looked really worn out and used, 
although everything was still fine. 
That's what got me thinking...
I could totally make this a refashion!
What do you think?
I really like how they turned out.
All I did was paint the canvas upper part, 
and draw on a design with some fine point sharpies. 
I actually cleaned them too, 
below is a picture of them before I cleaned them. 
I like them better now that they are cleaned. 
Kay really likes them, 
I hand sewed on some new elastic, 
with a bow of course! 
This is super simple to do and can save so much money
for back to school!
This would be great to do with teenagers, 
let them design their own shoes!
How awesome!
I really want to see what you have been up to so add your creations

1 comment:

Jo (@ boogaloo) said...

Adorable! I've been hoping to do a boy version someday soon :)

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