June 17, 2011

First Attempt

 I found this fabric at Joann's 
and I'm sure many of you know
Joann's is having a huge sale right now, 
so I got a yard for $3.50. 
I didn't have a pattern, 
I just used some of her swim suits she already had. 
It is a little big, 
and does gap a little, 
but I still like it. 
And her little bum.
hee hee
I think she likes it!


Beth said...

I am so impressed!! That is soooo cute!

Kristy said...

I've sewn many things and many different things but never swimmers - I'm a little scared of the fabric and elastic legs to be honest! But your little swimmers (and your little model) are so cute, so much better than the RTW swimmers in the shop that I am inspired to try next summer now!

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