May 20, 2011

Jute Decor Balls

Probably not what you thought. 
I am finally trying to fill my tall glass vases, 
that I have had for about a year now.  
When I was cleaning my daughters toys I found this tennis ball. 
Then I thought of this tutorial from V&Co.
I only had 1 small tennis ball, 
but it's a start! 
I found this jute line
in the hardware department of WalMart. 
It was tons cheaper than any thing you would find in the craft department.  
Now I just have to make about 5 more. 
I think I might take a stroll by the tennis courts,
and dig in some bushes. 
Will that make me look homeless?


Heather Feather said...

Great idea to use a tennis ball! I want to make some of these too. Maybe try a golf ball or a ball of a different size.

Kristy said...

your wrapped ball looks just like some overpriced ones I saw in a fancy schmancy store the other day! You got such a neat finish on yours too.

I had a laugh at you digging through the bushes at the tennis court - maybe if you start calling out 'here kitty' when there are people about they won't cotton on to what you're doing?

Anonymous said...

Hi There,
What type of glue did you use on the tennis ball? So Cute!

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