March 16, 2011

I love stripes!!

I don't think I ever showed you, but my Mother-in-Law gave me tons (TONS!!) of fabric,
knits, cottons, flannel, and lots of lace trim. 
This blue stripe was a knit she gave me, of course, 
because I LOVE stripes, I gladly took this. 
I just made this simple shirt, 
using Gap's Favorite Crew Neck shirt as a pattern. 
This took no time at all, 
maybe half hour from start to finish. 
Although I do tend to loose track of time, when I am sewing,
so it could have taken longer.
I need your opinion....
which background do you like better?
The dark blue, or my craft room?
Does it matter to you?
Just trying to figure things out, so everything here looks nice!


Heather Feather said...

I love stripes too! I don't mind either background. I only think it would matter if the color of the item blended into the background.

Beth said...

I want that striped shirt! Love it. I think the blue background looks good- but agree with Heather- just make sure you don't photograph anything dark blue in front of it :)

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