March 01, 2011

The Hardest Decision

I have been debating this for a while. 
I have been trying to justify it, 
and rationalize to the point where I can't even tell
 what is right and wrong anymore. 
who knew a camera could do this to me. 
Look how pretty it is. 
The big lens. 
The awesome REBEL T2i
The only thing on my wishlist besides, 
and notions. 
Why does this control me so much?
Why is this always in the back of my mind?
I have a great camera 
Canon PowerShot SX120 IS
See that zoom!
I have always been a firm believer of,
"it's not the camera, but the photographer". 
So WHY!?
Please help me. 
Have any of you had this same problem please help me!
I am having a hard time justifying spending close to $1000 (!!!!!) on a camera. 
Please leave some comments or email me. 
Is it really worth the money?
What do you like more, 
your point-n-shoot or your digital SLR?
this post is so pathetic....

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Your post is not pathetic at all! I lusted after a DSLR for MONTHS but kept feeling guilty for wanting something so expensive when my pt and shoot performed just fine most of the time. Well... End of story: I bought it.

Mine is on the ~$500 scale (Nikon D5000) so it's not as much of a plunge as you are thinking of. $1000 sounds INTENSE. Is it going to be your first DSLR? I went for a more mid range price because I figure it'd be good enough to upgrade on if I really do like using a DSLR (unlike the $300 quasi-DSLRs), but not so expensive that I feel like I'm making some huge lifetime commitment ($1000 crazy pro cameras). At that price point, I feel like I would need to make money selling my photographs in order to justify spending that kinda money (but that's just me and my particular wallet, of course).

I went back and forth on the issue for a long time but finally took the plunge after months, primarily because I just got so frustrated by the lack of control I have with a point and shoot. I still use automatic focus with my DSLR, but the level of control over aperture and shutter speed has been SUCH a relief. The options available with a DSLR also makes exploring photography more fun, less frustrating.

I still take my point and shoot around with me (Canon PowerShot 780IS), just because it's so much lighter and easier to whip out on a whim but for sheer enjoyment and tricky light conditions, I prefer my DSLR. No regrets.

Sorry for the essay, but I definitely understand the dilemma you feel! I was in the same place just a month ago. Hope it helps! :)

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