November 19, 2010

This might be a little late

I just remembered that I never showed you K's costume for Halloween.
I made this out of some scraps in about an hour.
I just busted through it as fast as I could.  
It turned out pretty good, and she loves it!
If it was up to her, she would wear it all the time. 
(I know her hair is a little crazy in these pictures, don't judge me)
I went all out on this costume and made wings for her too. 
I painted them, but I don't think they turned out that great. 
My hubby and I were....
can you guess??
Calvin and Hobbes! 
This isn't the best picture of us, but oh well.

1 comment:

Screamstress said...

You have real talent lady. The angel looks wonderful! and I got a good laugh out of the cool Calvin and Hobbs!

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