November 08, 2010

Festival of Trees Show

Well its coming.....
My HUGE craft show! 
I am excited and maybe a little nervous.
I have done other shows, so it's not that I am not prepared,
I guess it's that this show is for 4 days!
4 DAYS!!

The first day is only for a few hours, 
then day by day 
the show gets progressively longer. 

I have been talking about this show for awhile. 
And well....
We are selling a lot of things....
which I am hoping will not be too overwhelming. 

We are just selling, our hair bows, and 
and pom pom hats,
and scarpbook stuff, 
and the dresses and skirts that I have sewn these past couple weeks. 

Do you think that is too much?
But because of this huge show I won't be very attentive to this blog, 
until next week.

1 comment:

Angeliquez said...

thats sure you will do awesome!
you're work is pretty fabulous so no need to worry.
wish i could visit you there..but as i can't,do take a ton of pictures and post here!

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